Guitar Tab Support sells digital song transcriptions that you can view on-screen or download to your printer.

This web site is dedicated to the guitarist, so all of the songs available for printing on this website are written for the guitarist. You won't find any music for piano, accordion, or recorder. Here, it's all guitar, all the time!

What is guitar tab?

Guitar tablature, or tab, for short, is a notation system for guitar. In tab, numbers representing fret locations are placed on horizontal lines that represent the six strings of the guitar, with the top line representing the high E string, and the bottom line the low E string. You can download a complete guitar tab notation guide here.

What do I need to get them?

Our Song Transcriptions (i.e., guitar tab, solo guitar, guitar chords/lyrics, etc.) are in PDF format, which is displayed in most web browsers via the free Adobe Reader plug-in.

How do I know if I have a PDF viewer?

If you click to view any of our Song Transcriptions and can view our tab on-screen, you have a PDF reader installed. If you cannot view any music, we recommend Adobe Reader, which you can download here.

Song Transcriptions FAQ

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