Fender Road Worn Series Guitars and Band Competition!

Posted by Michael Mueller on January 22, 2009 at 2:21 PM

Fender Road Worn 50s StratSome guitarists work tirelessly to keep their instruments shiny, new, and pristine in appearance. Others, like me, prefer the mojo that comes with a well-played and aged axe. With Fender's new Road Worn series, you get a head-start on that aging process while benefiting from modern functionality and playability.

The series comprises 50s Tele, 50s Strat, 60s Strat, 50s P-bass, and 60s Jazz bass models. Each features notably distressed nitrocellulose lacquer-finished bodies, worn chrome hardware, and perhaps most importantly, smooth, worn-in necks for that comfy vintage feel. Suggested retail is $1,200 for the Tele and Strat models, $1,500 for the P-bass, and $1,570 for the Jazz bass.

To help kick off this new series, Fender has set up the Road Worn Band Competition, which features a $50,000 prize package, including a brand-new Toyota Tundra pickup, matching gear trailer, Fender Road Worn guitars and basses, Fender amps, and a Gretsch drum kit. The competition runs through May 25, 2009. Visit www.getroadworn.com for more info.


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