Michael Kelly Announces Visionary 85CE Acoustic

Posted by Michael Mueller on February 2, 2009 at 9:47 AM

Michael Kelly Guitar Company has made an idealistic vision now practical with the new Visionary 85CEVisionary 85CE Acoustic Guitar.

The new top-of-the-line Visionary 85CE acoustic starts with your choice of either a solid cedar or solid spruce top. Back and sides are solid rosewood for a full tone. "What sets the Visionary apart is that it features the patented Variable Set Neck design. This allows the player to adjust the entire neck height by physically moving the neck up and down vertically," explains Tracy Hoeft, the company's founder. This advancement in guitar design means the action can be adjusted with the simple turn of an allen wrench.

The Visionary 85CE also features the Michael Kelly two-piece, fully adjustable "visionary" bridge, which provides for exact intonation—something that very few acoustic guitars at any price can offer. All these incredible features as well as Grover tuners and a new Fishman Aero preamp system make the vision of the perfect acoustic guitar a reality.

See the entire line of Michael Kelly Guitars at their web site

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