For a good time, call 867-5309. Ask for Jenny!

Posted by Michael Mueller on February 5, 2009 at 6:15 PM

Some of you may remember Tommy Tutone's 1982 one-hit wonder "867-5309/Jenny" (get the guitar tab here. Thanks to Tutone's #1 hit, the phone number became the most famous in history. Even today, 26 years later, it still receives between 8,000 and 10,000 calls per year. Well, if you like to answer a lot of calls, and you've got an extra half a million in cash laying around, you can own a piece of pop culture history.

That's right, Jenny's digits are for sale on ebay, where the bidding currently sits at $369,100, with just under four days left on the auction. According to the owner, Spencer Potter, it is one of the last remaining 867-5309 number in service. The number is registered with Vonage and will work anywhere in the U.S. Since it's technically illegal to sell a phone number, the owner is selling it as part of his DJ company. No word as to whether an original vinyl 45 of the song comes with the DJ business.

Good luck and happy bidding!

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