TESTAMENT Live at Eindhoven '87 Available on Prosthetic Records April 14

Posted by Michael Mueller on February 19, 2009 at 1:43 PM

Before Wacken, there was Dynamo. 

For 20 years, the Dynamo Open Air Festival—originally held in 1986 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Dynamo rock club in Eindhoven, Holland—was one of metal's most important annual events, peaking in 1995 when 118,000 fans packed the grounds of an abandoned Dutch military airport to see four dozen acts play on three different stages over three June days.

In 1987, though, Dynamo was still in its infancy. For that matter, so was the performer who would leave the biggest mark on the event that year—Bay Area thrashers Testament. After their debut album, The Legacy, made instant waves worldwide, the group was invited to make their European debut at the second Dynamo festival.

After a warm-up show at the 300-capacity Dynamo club the night before, Testament took the stage on a rainy June 8 and floored the 14,000 fans in attendance with an aggressive and fiery 45-minute set that showcased much of the material on The Legacy. Five songs from their performance were captured on the EP Live at Eindhoven, which was issued as a cassette and a 12" LP; however, the band's full set was never released officially—until now.

Prosthetic Records is proud to announce the April 14 release of Live at Eindhoven '87, which for the first time brings you Testament's complete 1987 Dynamo performance. A metal history lesson of the highest order, Live at Eindhoven '87 sees the group's original lineup—vocalist Chuck Billy, guitarists Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson, bassist Greg Christian, and drummer Louie Clemente—at their absolute hungriest. Their Dynamo set included the following tracks:

1. Disciples of the Watch
2. The Haunting
3. Apocalyptic City
4. First Strike Is Deadly
5. Burnt Offerings
6. Alex Skolnick guitar solo
7. Over The Wall
8. Do Or Die
9. Curse of the Legion of Death (C.O.T.L.O.D.)
10. Reign of Terror

Featuring a stunning remastered sound, new artwork by Carson Slovak (Century, All That Remains, Antagonist), and liner notes by Skolnick, Live at Eindhoven '87 is a must-have for Testament fans both old and new. Excerpts from the album's liner notes can currently be viewed on Skolnick's "Skolnotes" blog, while the above-mentioned version of "Disciples of the Watch" can be heard here. The Prosthetic Webshop is offering $12 pre-orders.

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