Acoustic JIMI HENDRIX Demos Going to Auction

Posted by Michael Mueller on March 26, 2009 at 10:07 AM

After years of legal wrangling, a quarter-inch tape containing 14 acoustic demos Jimi Hendrix recorded in 1968, in advance of Electric Ladyland, is going to auction on April 28. The tape also includes Bob Dylan's "Tears of Rage," which was left off the album in favor of "All Along the Watchtower." You can hear a snippet of Hendrix's "Tears of Rage" demo on the video below, as well as some background information on the tape from Ted Owen, memorabilia expert and CEO of the Fame Bureau, the site that will auction the tape.

"This tape shows his very sensitive, creative side," says Owen. "The wild man of rock is not there at all."

As reported by The Independent, Jimi himself gave the tape to Carl Niekirk, who worked in a photography studio below the rock star's flat in Brook Street, central London. As there was only one entrance to the flat, Mr Niekirk would often let Hendrix and his friends – including George Harrison – into the flat. "It was a constant stream of people coming and going and partying," he said. At one point, Hendrix asked Mr Niekirk if he could borrow some milk and sugar. When he took it up to Hendrix's flat, the singer gave him the tape. Mr Niekirk said: "Because I asked him, he just gave it to me. As simple as that." The tape then passed to Mr Niekirk's sister, who ran a pub in Epping Forest, and there it languished in a box in a wardrobe.

Mark Sutherland and Paul Jackson, who run the Cafe Music Studios in east London, bought the tape for a nominal sum 10 years ago. They expect the tape to fetch between £50,000 and £100,000.

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