SEYMOUR DUNCAN Introduces the SFX-11 Twin Tube Blue

Posted by Michael Mueller on April 29, 2009 at 9:40 AM

Seymour Duncan has announced their newest stompbox, the SFX-11 Twin Tube Blue, designed for blues guitarists. Like its cousins the Twin Tube Classic and Twin Tube Mayhem, the Twin Tube Blue is a high-quality, two-channel guitar preamp; however, this one is voiced for blues tones ranging from Chicago and Texas blues to modern and classic sounds.

Seymour Duncan SFX-11Unlike its Twin Tube brethren, the SFX-11 features a duet of premium, subminiature, USA-made Phillips-Sylvania 6111 dual triode tubes, which are voiced similar to a familiar 12AU7. They were designed and manufactured to meet the U.S. Government's MIL-E-1 spec for reliability under conditions of severe shock, vibration, and temperature, and they exhibit virtually no tendency toward microphonics.

Inexpensive tube gear often runs in "starved plate mode," in which the tubes function like clipping diodes and do not actually amplify. The Twin Tube Blue's high-plate voltage and 100 percent vacuum-tube signal path allows the tubes to operate at their full potential and provide maximum dynamic range, which results in more gain and the smooth, bluesy tone you expect from a high-quality tube preamp.

The SFX-11's Rhythm channel offers up sparkly chords and bright and punchy leads. The Lead channel starts with familiar Texas blues and goes all the way to heavy blues tones. The Twin Tube Blue is true-bypass and features a heavy-duty chassis and a fully encapsulated toroidal transformer for quiet operation. A 16-volt AC transformer is also included. MSRP is $325.

For more info and specs, visit Seymour Duncan online.

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