STEVE VAI's Naked Tracks Box Set To See June Release

Posted by Michael Mueller on May 28, 2009 at 5:16 PM

Steve Vai is set to release his famed Naked Tracks on CD for the first time, available the first week of June exclusively at Guitar Center. Previously only sold at his web site and on iTunes as downloads only, Vai wanted to give his fans and players of all ages something special—an excellent practice tool for any guitarist.

"Through the years, whenever I would mix my records I would usually do a mix of specific songs without the lead guitar," says Vai. "This allowed me to play along with the track or make loops to jam to, and because I figured perhaps someday maybe others would like to do the same. Voila! We have arrived at someday!"

Naked Tracks is housed in a special limited edition digi-pack box set. This series of play-along CDs is designed to help create an atmosphere of focus so you can shred yourself into inspirational nirvana. Included in the set are 5 CDs featuring backing tracks from the following albums:

Passion And Warfare
Sex & Religion
Alien Love Secrets
Fire Garden
The Ultra Zone
Alive In An Ultra World
Real Illusions: Reflections

You can download the liner notes, transcripts, tab, lead sheets, and scores all available soon at There, Vai will give the various parameters regarding the key, scale, time signature, and more of each track as well as guitar solo transcripts and tabs. It's a must-have for aspiring and seasoned guitarists alike.

Meanwhile, get Steve Vai guitar tab here!

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