GIANT STEPS for Guitar Players

Posted by Michael Mueller on July 22, 2009 at 11:05 AM

Giant Steps for GuitarRock guitarists love a challenge, be it learning a Paul Gilbert or Yngwie Malmsteen solo, insane Rusty Cooley or Michael Angelo Batio licks, or mastering a Bach sonata or Paganini’s 24th Caprice. While these are all considerable endeavors sure to improve your chops, if you really want to throw your fingers for a loop, consider learning bebop tenor sax legend John Coltrane’s iconic tune “Giant Steps.” 

In his new book, Giant Steps for Guitar, ace guitarist and teacher Wolf Marshall takes an in-depth look at the Coltrane classic from a guitarist’s point of view. He offers comprehensive harmonic analysis, melodic patterns in both linear and positional form, rhythmic patterns and variations, ii¬–V and turnaround ideas, chordal studies, and model solos, so you can see and hear how these concepts work in concert with one another. 

The accompanying CD includes audio tracks for most of the figures in the book as well as accompanying tracks in various tempos over which to practice your newfound bebop chops. Even if you’ve already got rock chops in the same neighborhood as top shredders, trust me when I say this tune offers all of the speed but with knuckle-busting phrasing that will help you make giant leaps in your technique. Or should I say, giant steps?

Click here to get Giant Steps for Guitar.

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