Posted by Michael Mueller on August 27, 2009 at 10:32 AM

Atreyu guitar tabOrange County rockers Atreyu (guitar tab) have completed Congregation of the Damned, which is the highly anticipated follow-up to 2007's Lead Sails Paper Anchor. Produced by Bob Marlette (Ozzy Osbourne) and mixed by Rich Costey (Mars Volta, System of a Down), the album is due to hit shelves on October 27. 

"I wrote the line 'congregation of the damned' for one of the songs on the album, and it got me thinking," says vocalist Alex Varkatzas. "It kind of feels like in a lot of ways that we, as members of a society, are just gathering around and collectively getting f***ed over. When you look at what's going on in our economy and how other people treat each other, it's kind of like we're all just lemmings. We're lined up blankly staring blindly at nothing and just going along with the flow like a congregation of the damned. So this record really reflects my thoughts and feelings about that in every possible way."

While Congregation of the Damned features some of the band's heaviest riffs ever, on tracks like "You Were the King, Now You're Unconscious" and "Bleeding Is A Luxury," (see video below), it also contains some of truly delicate and sentimental moments, such as the piano ballad "Wait For You."

"That one's just a beautiful song, and if you don't like it, you don't have a heart," Varkatzas says. "I'd say that this album is a mix of everything we've ever done. For every song that's more melodic or rock-driven, there's a total sh*tkicker, and I think that's what makes us a well-rounded band."

The band will launch a co-headlining tour with Hollywood Undead on October 16, in Lubbock, Texas, and will remain on the road throughout most of 2010. The band recently performed at the Epicenter festival in Pomona, California, where this fan footage of new song "Bleeding Is a Luxury" was filmed.

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