Berklee's Thaddeus Hogarth Offers Pedalboard Advice

Posted by Michael Mueller on April 28, 2010 at 5:41 PM

Thaddeus Hogarth pedalboardOver the past few years, stompboxes have experienced quite the renaissance, and if you're anything like me, your jones for new pedals is a major component of your GAS problem (that's Gear Acquisition Syndrome, not flatulence!). A major beneficiary of the boom in vintage and boutique pedal market has been the pedalboard industry. With everything from a 12x12 slab of plywood to fully powered boards with built-in tuners and power testers, there are many factors to consider when putting together your own board. Do you really need every pedal you own on one board? How can I fit pedals of five different shapes and sizes onto the board? What's the best way to power it?

If this sounds familiar, Berklee professor and professional guitarist Thaddeus Hogarth has some advice for you. Drawing on his many years experience as a gigging musician, Hogarth explains in his blog how he came to settle on two compact boards that satisfy most of his many needs. Click here to read his post!

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