Flashback Friday - Aldo Nova "Fantasy"

Posted by Michael Mueller on September 10, 2010 at 3:01 PM

I love Fridays ... who doesn't? But I especially love it when it comes with a healthy dose of nostalgia and fun music. So a good friend of mine kicked off the afternoon with a flashback to Cheap Trick's "Tonight It's You," which in turn led me to Honeymoon Suite's "Burnin' in Love," at which time my wife enters my office and asks about "that Canadian band I like from the early '80s." She was referring to Triumph, but I first mentioned Aldo Nova, half-jokingly. She says, "No, not him, but what was that cool song of his?" So I bring up his 1982 hit "Fantasy" on YouTube, plug in my guitar, and it's game on!

So, for your Flashback Friday enjoyment, here's the video for "Fantasy" by Aldo Nova, complete with laser-firing Les Paul. And if you want to play along, here's the official guitar tab, too!

Aldo Nova "Fantasy" guitar tab

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