Double Dream Hands - Bizarre Dance or a Guitarist's Dream Come True?

Posted by Michael Mueller on December 17, 2010 at 11:20 AM

Double dream hands? Normally I'd say it's the not-so-secret desire of guitar players everywhere, but right now, it's the Internet sensation sweeping across the globe. In the video below, Hal Leonard author and renowned music educator John Jacobson teaches the "double dream hands" dance choreography to the Music Express (an educational music magazine for elementary school children) song "Planet Rock" (Jacobson/Huff). As innocent as its intentions are, it's actually quite funny taken out of context, which of course has led to some pretty inventive versions posted by YouTube users.

So, if you found this post while looking for the dance video, scroll down, and be sure to check out the official Double Dream Hands web site. If you found it because you are indeed a guitarist looking to turn your own two mitts into dream hands on the fretboard, check out these online guitar video lessons, which are sure to help you on your way:

Building Speed by Troy Stetina
Alternate Picking and Sequencing by Troy Stetina
Scale Sequences by Marcus Henderson
Left Hand Finger Independence by Marcus Henderson
Basic Studies to Build Chops by Jeff Loomis
Economy Picking by Doug Boduch
Fretboard Strength Building by John Denner


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