Guitar Instructor Lick of the Week 05-24-2011

Posted by Michael Mueller on May 24, 2011 at 4:24 PM

After nearly a month of "technical issues," our free lick of the week lesson is finally back. For our return, I chose a cool ending lick that I nicked from blues guitarist Johnny Moeller, who recorded a whole bunch of blues licks lessons that will soon be appearing right here on

This triplet-based lick is rooted in the G hybrid blues scale (combination of blues and Mixolydian, spelled: G-A-Bb-B-C-Db-D-E-F) and is played over the I chord in measures 11-12 of a standard 12-bar blues. This phrase is pretty straightforward, in terms of fingering. The only potential sticking point is the Ab13-G13 chord move at the end. You can see in the video that I fretted the shape with my index finger on the D string, middle finger on the G string, and a pinky-finger barre on the top two strings. You may be more comfortable with a ring-finger barre there or using your ring and pinky fingers on the B and E strings, respectively. Use whatever is most comfortable to you.

blues ending lick tab


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