Australian Rockers Silverchair Go Into Indefinite Hibernation

Posted by Michael Mueller on May 25, 2011 at 6:39 PM

Citing the ubiquitous "musical differences," Australian rockers Silverchair announced on their web site that they are putting the band into "indefinite hibernation."

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It was nearly 20 years ago that singer/guitarist Daniel Johns, drummer Ben Gillies, and bassist Chris Joannou joined forces, all three just 12 years old at the time. In August of 1994, they released a demo of a song called "Tomorrow," which eventually spent six weeks at #1 on the Australian singles chart and in 1995 became the most played song of the year on U.S. modern rock radio. Over the course of their career, the trio sold over 6 million albums.

The band entered the studio in 2009 to begin work on a new record and even did some shows in 2010; however, in the months that followed it became clear that they were moving in different directions, saying, "It's become increasingly clear the spark simply isn't there between us.

"We also want to make it really clear that this decision has been made with the best possible intentions," they continued. "We've always tried our hearts out to make the best music we could possibly make at the time - regardless of commercial consequences."

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