Free Wanted Dead or Alive Play Along Track

Posted by Michael Mueller on July 15, 2011 at 5:45 PM

Here at GuitarInstructor, we're rather proud of our audio play-along jam tracks. Professionally recorded, mixed, and engineered, our jam tracks are as close to the original master recordings as you'll find. And now, each month, we're going to post one free jam track so you can play along with some of the most classic tunes ever recorded.

Few bands spark thoughts of "summer time rock" like New Jersey's finest, Bon Jovi. So for July, we've chosen their smash hit "Wanted Dead or Alive" as our featured free play-along jam track. The instrumental track is "minus guitar," which means as soon as those wind chimes kick in, it's all up to you! To start jammin', visit our free jam track page here. You'll also see a link on that page to find the matching "Wanted Dead or Alive" guitar tab. For more Bon Jovi guitar tab and jam tracks, click here.

Playing along with our free jam tracks without the guitar part is not only fun but also an excellent exercise in keeping time—especially on tracks like this one, where the guitar is the solo instrument for the first full minute or so.

Have fun!

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