Dream Theater Releases A Dramatic Turn of Events

Posted by Michael Mueller on September 26, 2011 at 10:22 AM

On September 13, prog-metal titans Dream Theater released A Dramatic Turn of Events, their eleventh studio album and first new skins beast Mike Mangini, who replaces founding drummer Mike Portnoy.

Dramatic Turn of EventsA Dramatic Turn of Events is a stunning 77-minute opus from the band that has made stunning the routine. Longtime fans of DT will hear subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) hints of their early work on Images and Words. Though some critical fans have gone as far as to accuse the band of lifting their own songs, that's clearly not the case; rather, it's more the typically jazz-affiliated compositional tool of quotation—almost like little audio "Easter eggs" for longtime fans.

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Another similarity to the band's older work is the greater presence of acoustic piano from keys-master Jordan Rudess—and not just on the ballads like "Far From Heaven." Even heavy tracks like the opening track and first single "On the Backs of Angels" and "Lost Not Forgotten" get the ivory treatment quite effectively.

As usual, there are plenty of musical acrobatics spread throughout the album, like the utterly insane "video game soundtrack" unison lines employed by Rudess and guitarist John Petrucci about two minutes into "Lost Not Forgotten" and Petrucci's stellar fretwork throughout "Breaking All Illusions."

Finally, there's that whole "new drummer" thing. As much a fan of Mike Portnoy I've always been, new stick-man Mike Mangini's killer performance on this record has pretty much eliminated any potential "drama" from the whole situation. It helps in terms of continuity that many of the drum parts were written by Petrucci prior to Mangini joining the band, but you get the feeling that it wouldn't have mattered one bit. Mangini is a beast and, it seems, indeed the perfect fit for Dream Theater.

For more information on ticketing, tour dates and on-sales, visit the official Dream Theater web site.
A Dramatic Turn of Events track list:

On The Backs of Angels
Build Me Up, Break Me Down
Lost Not Forgotten
This Is the Life
Bridges In the Sky
Far From Heaven
Breaking All Illusions
Beneath the Surface

Tour dates:

9/24  San Francisco, CA
9/25  Los Angeles, CA
9/27  Seattle, WA
9/28  Vancouver, BC
10/3  Royal Oak, MI
10/4  Pittsburgh, PA
10/6  Toronto, ON
10/7  Montreal, QC
10/8  Quebec City, QC
10/10 Boston, MA
10/11 Morristown, NJ
10/12 New York, NY
10/22 Cleawater, FL
10/25 Houston, TX
10/26 Austin, TX


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