Cherry Lane Print Releases Beginning Blues Book/DVD

Posted by Michael Mueller on October 4, 2011 at 11:19 AM

Beginning Blues Guitar book/DVDCherry Lane Print has released the book/DVD version of Beginning Blues Guitar: Rhythm and Solos, written and taught by blues veteran Al Ek. More than just a bunch of licks and the standard 12-bar format, Ek introduces beginning blues students to the often-overlooked aspect of "groove." You'll learn six different rhythm parts—shuffle, rock 'n' roll, mojo groove, slow blues, boogaloo groove, and backwards shuffle—each with its own solo and instruction on how the solo and its licks can work over different grooves and in different keys.

On the DVD, Ek shows all the parts at tempo and then breaks them down note by note for ease of learning. The DVD also includes jam tracks for each of the six styles presented.

To order the item, visit your local music dealer or click here.


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