New Jimi Hendrix Single Mojo Man on November 27

Posted by Michael Mueller on November 23, 2011 at 2:23 PM

Back in 1970, twin brothers Arthur and Albert Allen (aka The Allen Twins, or TaharQa and TundeRe Aleem), who were colleagues of and backing vocalists for Jimi Hendrix, brought Jimi a song titled "Mojo Man" and asked the guitarist to lay down some lead guitar fills. Hendrix tracked his parts, and the three friends discussed doing a side project together which would be called the Ghetto Fighters. But Jimi's sudden death a short time later put an end to that possibility.

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But now, over 40 years later, the track is finally going to see the light of day, as the Aleems are releasing the single on Sunday 11/27 (which would have marked Hendrix's 69th birthday), in conjunction with an animated music video the brothers have branded Clea'art (DMS). You can watch the video and hear "Mojo Man" on Sunday at

Here's what Joel Selvin, a music columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle, had to say about "Mojo Man."

"Jimi's part is not a starring role, more like a character part meant to color the scene, making the lead part shine and look a little brighter. He drops his trademark licks into the mix - an artist signing a canvas - and like the great musician he is, he knows when to stay out of the way and most important, what not to play."

To read more about the release, check out Belinda Ware's piece at Meanwhile, check out the two trailers that have been released by UrbanStreetTales so far, the second of which contains some of the track audio:


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