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Get Your Rhythm Chops on Schedule with Rhythm Guitar 365

Posted by Michael Mueller on February 14, 2014 at 1:52 PM

With the best-seller Guitar Aerobics and the fantastic Fretboard Freedom already under his belt, author Troy Nelson tackles rhythm guitar in his latest book, Rhythm Guitar 365 (Hal Leonard). The former editor in chief at Guitar One and senior editor at Guitar Edge magazines packs 365 rhythm exercises—plus chord grids—into 304 pages and two audio CDs, in a relentless pursuit of rhythmic excellence for players of all skill levels and musical styles.

The book begins with a 15-page primer on chord theory and rhythm fundamentals—essential reading for beginners and even intermediate players. Then, the year-long drill begins. Each week focuses on a specific chord progression; for example, Week 1 features E–A–B–E, which is a I–IV–V–I progression in the key of E. You get a page of commonly used chord shapes, sorted by day, and then one exercise for each day of the week using that progression, but varying in style, rhythm, chord voicings, and tones.

As a former metalhead who studied jazz guitar and now leans toward country sounds, Nelson exhibits a broad grasp of rhythm techniques, offering credible examples in styles ranging from folk, country, and blues to R&B/funk, jazz, and metal. But the beauty of the book is that even if you played all 365 exercises on a clean-toned Strat, your chops are certain to improve as you work through funky syncopated scratch rhythms, walking bass lines, R&B-style chord slides, high-octane metal pedals, country chord bends, and so on.

To purchase Rhythm Guitar 365, click on the cover image below. Be sure also to check out Fretboard Freedom and Guitar Aerobics.

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In full disclosure, Troy Nelson is a colleague. We formerly worked together at Guitar One and Guitar Edge.

Five New Stevie Ray Vaughan Video Song Lessons With Onscreen Guitar Tab

Posted by Michael Mueller on February 13, 2014 at 10:54 AM

We're excited to announce that we've just posted five new Stevie Ray Vaughan video song lessons, all taught by Doug Boduch and including onscreen guitar tab.

Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up on Love

Rude Mood

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Life Without You

Honey Bee

This brings our grand total of SRV video songs to 16, including other classics like "Pride and Joy," "The Sky Is Crying," and "Cold Shot," among others.

To see our entire selection, click here.

Plus, check out our selection of 15 Stevie Ray Vaughan video signature licks lessons with Greg Koch.

You can also purchase the Hal Leonard Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Play-Along book/CD or book/DVD products by clicking on the product covers below.

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