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Remembering B.B. - The King of the Blues

Posted by Michael Mueller on May 18, 2015 at 11:17 AM

Thursday evening, May 14, 2015, legendary blues musician B.B. King passed away at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was 89 years old.

Words—particularly my meager ones—cannot express the influence and importance of B.B. King not only on the blues and guitar but also on entertainment and the greater music world. But as testimony to his reach, here's a collection of tributes from across the Internet.

B.B. King guitar tab, video song lessons, play-along tracks

"[B.B. King] was a beacon for all of us who love [the blues] and I think him from the bottom of my heart." Eric Clapton

"BB King was the greatest guy I ever met. The tone he got out of that guitar, the way he shook his left wrist, the way he squeezed the strings... man, he came out with that and it was all new to the whole guitar playin' world. He could play so smooth, he didn't have to put on a show. The way BB did it is the way we all do it now. He was my best friend and father to us all. I'll miss you, B. I love you and I promise I will keep these damn Blues alive. Rest well." Buddy Guy (Instagram)

"I can't think of any artist that has had as much an influence on modern rock 'n' roll or R&B as B.B. King - and the blues as well. His guitar playing has influenced, in such a monumental way, so many people who have gone on to become cornerstones of our musical legacies. Their own legacies trace to B.B. - his style, the vibrato, the single notes, his phrasing, his tone. Couple that with the fact that oftentimes people overlook that he's such an amazing singer. He has remained one of the most gracious, humble and friendly and loving people I ever met in my life." Bonnie Raitt

"We had some great times and I will miss him ... Peace BB." Keith Richards (Twitter)

"BB King brought Truth & Joy to the lives of Everyday People, Presidents, & Kings, The Incarcerated, Rock Stars, Blues Women; Everyone he met" - Vernon Reid (Twitter)

"BB, anyone could play a thousand notes and never say what you said in one." Lenny Kravitz (Twitter)

"Devastated by the passing of BB King. My favorite blues guitarist. & a truly wonderful man. RIP BB." Slash (Twitter)

"Sad to hear B.B. King has left us. I loved collaborating with him, loved his music, & his spirit. He changed music forever. God bless him." Brad Paisley (Twitter)

"There's going to be one killer blues session in heaven tonight" President Barack Obama (Twitter)

"We just lost a legend. As you see, we're playing hip-hop, we're playing rock, we're playing blues. I mean, hip-hop incorporates all that ... Hip-hop is the blues." Jay-Z (

"Sad when we lose an artist whose music has such an effect on so many people. Love and mercy to B.B. King's family and loved ones" Brian Wilson (Twitter)

"America has lost one of its greatest musicians and I have lost one of my greatest friends." Tony Bennett (Twitter)

"Nobody lives forever but their music can. Thank you B.B. King for all those beautiful gems you gave us in your 89 years here." Nikki Sixx (Twitter)

"You gone but you ain't forgotten, we love you baby." Snoop Dogg


Uptown Funk Video Song Lesson

Posted by Michael Mueller on May 12, 2015 at 5:13 PM

"Uptown Funk," by English producer Mark Ronson and singer Bruno Mars, is so far the biggest hit of the year. A throwback to the 1980s Minneapolis funk sounds of Prince and The Time, among others, the infectious track has become a staple on the cover band circuit. And with its funky Nile Rodgers-style guitar riff, it's a killer jam.

We posted the official guitar tab a couple of months ago, and now we've got a killer new in-depth video lesson on how to play the tune from ace instructor and newest addition to the GuitarInstructor family, Chris Buono. Though he can play just about anything in any style, when it comes to funk guitar, Chris has got it goin' on!

"Uptown Funk" video song lesson 

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Of Monsters and Men "Crystals" Guitar Tab

Posted by Michael Mueller on May 12, 2015 at 4:06 PM

Icelandic indie-folk-rock sensation Of Monsters and Men splashed onto the scene with their excellent 2011 release My Head Is an Animal, on the strength of hits "Little Talks," "Dirty Paws," and "Mountain Sound."

In just a few weeks, on June 9, the band will release their sophomore album, Beneath the Skin. The album's first single, "Crystals," is a bona fide hit, so check out our brand-new official guitar tab and learn the tune in time for all your summer parties.

"Crystals" guitar tab
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Ani DiFranco Guitar Tab Collection Now Available Online

Posted by Michael Mueller on May 8, 2015 at 10:40 AM

Be it her art, her business savvy, or her guitar technique, singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco is fierce. Don't believe me? Take a look at her battered old Alvarez guitar, or mosey on into your local guitar shop and watch the racks of guitar strings cringe at the mere whisper of her name.

With that in mind, give your guitar strings a pep talk, because we've just posted 21 of her most popular guitar tabs, including "Angry Anymore," "God's Country," "Out of Range," and "Shameless." So get out your electronic tuner (you're gonna need it for all those glorious peg-twisting tunings), get your righteous attitude on, and jam away!

Ani DiFranco guitar tab 


Game of Thrones Theme Arranged for Solo Guitar

Posted by Michael Mueller on May 6, 2015 at 1:34 PM

HBO's "Game of Thrones," now in season 5, has been a smash hit for some time now. So we were a little surprised when we recently began receiving droves of requests for the song's medieval theme song to be tabbed out. So we sent a raven to the crack editors at Hal Leonard, who immediately took on the quest and put together this stellar arrangement.

Learn it quickly, for winter is coming.

"Game of Thrones" guitar tab