Jude Gold Teaches Slap Guitar Technique in New Lesson Series

Posted by Michael Mueller on September 27, 2016 at 4:02 PM

As the former Musicians Institute guitar department head, a contributing editor at the renowned Guitar Player magazine, and current touring guitarist for Jefferson Starship, Jude Gold is an incredibly versatile player and instructor. If there's one niche he's carved out for himself, however, it's the art of slap guitar. Borrowed from legendary funk and rock bassists like Larry Graham and Flea, the technique, when used properly, sounds downright amazing on electric guitar. And Jude, above most all, knows how to use it properly.

In our newest lesson series, taken from his recent book/video release Solo Slap Guitar (Hal Leonard), Jude teaches all of the essential skills, rhythms, and even gear that you need to master this eclectic technique for guitar. In all, these nine video lessons offer over 3-1/2 hours of instruction and playing examples. Plus, each lesson comes with guitar tab for all of the examples Jude presents in the video.

Jude Gold Slap Guitar Video Lessons

To see and hear Jude's slap guitar prowess in action, check out his cover of the Lipps Inc. smash hit "Funkytown."



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