New Lesson for the Eagles' "The Sad Cafe"

Posted by Michael Mueller on December 16, 2016 at 4:28 PM

The Eagles' "The Sad Cafe," from their 1979 album The Long Run, wasn't a charting hit, but it's been a fan favorite nonetheless, and also features a tasty saxophone solo from the great David Sanborn.

In this new G-Plus Song lesson, instructor Doug Boduch shows you all the creative chord voicings used in the tune as well as the very cool triads-based guitar solo. Doug teaches the song on acoustic guitar, as that's the way most people play it, but it really is a clean-toned electric, which, if you decide to plug in, will be helpful in the solo—especially on the challenging 6ths-interval bend at the start.

"The Sad Cafe" Eagles song lesson
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