New G-Plus Song Lesson on The Beatles' "Birthday"

Posted by Michael Mueller on January 27, 2017 at 11:53 AM

Arguably the second-most popular birthday song ever written, the Beatles' "Birthday" is a fun pop take on the venerable 12-bar blues form, with the major pentatonic scale in the starring role.

Interestingly, "Birthday" was written and recorded in a single day at EMI Studio Two (Abbey Road). Paul McCartney arrived early to the studio on September 18, 1968, and began working on a new song at the piano. As the band arrived, they began working on the basic structure of the song, a "12-bar blues in A." By 4:30 in the morning the next day, the song was completed.

In this new G-Plus Song lesson, instructor Doug Boduch walks you through each and every riff, lick, chord, and solo. This one's a blast to play!

"Birthday" Beatles G-Plus Song lesson
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Here's footage of Paul McCartney performing "Birthday" with his band.


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