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Fender Road Worn Series Guitars and Band Competition!

Posted by Michael Mueller on January 22, 2009 at 2:21 PM

Fender Road Worn 50s StratSome guitarists work tirelessly to keep their instruments shiny, new, and pristine in appearance. Others, like me, prefer the mojo that comes with a well-played and aged axe. With Fender's new Road Worn series, you get a head-start on that aging process while benefiting from modern functionality and playability.

The series comprises 50s Tele, 50s Strat, 60s Strat, 50s P-bass, and 60s Jazz bass models. Each features notably distressed nitrocellulose lacquer-finished bodies, worn chrome hardware, and perhaps most importantly, smooth, worn-in necks for that comfy vintage feel. Suggested retail is $1,200 for the Tele and Strat models, $1,500 for the P-bass, and $1,570 for the Jazz bass.

To help kick off this new series, Fender has set up the Road Worn Band Competition, which features a $50,000 prize package, including a brand-new Toyota Tundra pickup, matching gear trailer, Fender Road Worn guitars and basses, Fender amps, and a Gretsch drum kit. The competition runs through May 25, 2009. Visit for more info.


Marshall Debuts New MG Series at NAMM

Posted by Michael Mueller on January 22, 2009 at 1:37 PM

There is no better way, I assure you, to kick off the annual four-day winter NAMM trade show than with a breakfast buffet that includes all-you-can-eat bacon. Unless, that is, the main course is Slayer's Kerry King and Whitesnake's Doug Aldrich demonstrating 100-watt Marshall amps at an absurd volume level. Aye, that'll wake ya up in the mornin'!

Dubbed the "Loudest Breakfast of Your Life," Marshall set up the event to debut their new line of solid-state MG amps. Ranging from a punchy 10-watt practice amp to a chest-pounding 100-watt head, the MG series amps have digital effects, simple and intuitive footswitching, and four classic Marshall channel presets (clean, crunch, OD1, OD2) that can be tweaked and stored.

The MG10 and MG15 are two-channel amps with basic EQ controls. Moving on to the MG15FX and MG30FX, you get crisp digital effects including chorus, flanger, phaser, and delay—all on one control knob. At the top of the foodchain sit the 50- and 100-watt combos and head/cab setups (MG50FX, 101FX, 102FX, 100HFX). Besides adding a healthy dose of tonal roar, these powerhouses include a separate digital delay effect, thus allowing you to combine three effect types (reverb, delay, modulation) for myriad effects possibilities.

The footswitch is fully programmable, with each of the four switches assignable to any front panel switch, preset channel, and/or built-in tuner. The amps also feature a headphone jack and a MP3/Line In input, so you can jam along with your favorite CDs. Visit for more info.


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