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Ever since Buddy Holly and the Crickets took the stage with their 1950s Sunburst Fender Strats strapped over their shoulders, the greatest rock, country, and blues guitarists of all time have turned to Fender Musical Instruments to create their timeless tracks. From Holly's early-rock twang to the surf sounds of Dick Dale and the Beach Boys to the raw power of the Rolling Stones to the psychedelic rock of Jimi Hendrix to the rock fusion sounds of Jeff Beck to the funky stylings of Nile Rodgers to the neoclassical shred of Yngwie Malmsteen to the electrifying blues of Stevie Ray Vaughan to the monstrous tone of Eric Johnson to the titanic twang of Brad Paisley to the platinum pop and blues sounds of John Mayer, for 60 years the first name in guitar has been Fender.

Here's just a short list of 20 timeless rock tracks powered by Fender. Click on any title to get the official guitar tab:

In addition to those and thousands of other classic guitar tabs, we also have a huge selection of audio jam tracks and video songs from your favorite Fender artists as well as guitar video lessons from top Fender guitarists and world-renowned instructors!

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