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John Denner

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Despite the fact that he was born without a right hand, John Denner has become a world-class rock guitarist. He designed and patented a special arm sleeve with a pick at the end that allows him to play, and then spent countless hours, days, and weeks mastering the instrument, challenging himself to learn Eddie Van Halens legendary instrumental piece, "Eruption." He achieved that goal and then some. Denner has been featured in Play Guitar! and Guitar Techniques magazines, shared the stage with Les Paul, filmed an instructional DVD titled Legato Licks and Fretboard Tricks (Hal Leonard), and is working on his debut album.

In addition, Denner is a member of Operation First Response, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing personal and financial assistance to our nations wounded heroes and their families. He is also actively involved with the Amputee Coalition of America, campaigning for insurance coverage to make prosthetic care equally accessible to all amputees. To learn more, visit