Brooke St. James

Brooke St. James

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Guitarist Brooke St. James began playing at age 9. A self-taught musician, James grew up listening to and playing along with records by Aerosmith, Journey, Queen, Cheap Trick, and KISS, among many other classic rock acts, and joined his first working band at age 16. A few years later James moved to Milwaukee and found regional success with popular 80 rock act Moxy Roxx, but major label interest fizzled. James then went to New York and formed hard rock group Tyketto (Geffen Records), which released four albums and did numerous tours. After James left the band, he went on to a three-year stint in Las Vegas with classic rock act Yellow Brick Road. James currently lives in Milwaukee where he plays with several popular local rock acts and is writing songs for a forthcoming solo album.

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