Audio Tracks Support

What are Audio Play-Along Tracks?

Audio Play-Along Tracks are professionally recorded, mixed, and engineered to sound just like the original recorded versions. Our play-along tracks come in two versions: Full Band tracks feature the full band performing. Minus Tracks (e.g., Minus Guitar, Minus Bass) feature the full band without the indicated instrument.

What format are the Play-Along Tracks in?

Full Band and Minus Tracks are in MP3 format.

What quality are the Play-Along Tracks?

The audio files are equivalent to CD quality, and are encoded at a Variable Bit Rate (VBR) of approximately 200 Kbps.

Where are my play-along tracks saved?

G-PASS Subscribers: If you find a play-along track you wish to save, you'll click "Add to Library" on the item page. The track is then placed into your Digital Library, where you can play it as often as you wish using the Play Now link. G-PASS subscribers may not download play-along tracks.

A La Carte Users: Upon purchase, your audio tracks are placed into your Digital Library. You may click "Play Now" to play your tracks as often as you'd like when logged into your account. Downloaded MP3 files will be saved in whichever folder you designated at the Save prompt. We recommend creating a folder called "My GI Audio" in an easy-to-find location on your computer. Save your downloaded audio tracks to this folder.

How many times can I download my MP3 file?

You are allowed three downloads of your purchased MP3 files. G-PASS subscribers cannot download audio tracks; they are stream-only.

What happens if I delete or lose the file?

If you lose or accidentally delete a purchased audio file, please contact us.

Can I burn my music to an audio CD?

Yes. Once you have downloaded the MP3 file to your hard drive, you may burn it to CD just as you would any other MP3 file.

Is my portable audio device compatible with your Audio Tracks?

Our MP3 audio files are compatible with mobile devices (e.g., iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Windows tablets, etc.)

None of the above?

Please, contact us.