Video Lessons & Songs Support


Video Lessons are guitar lessons, each approximately eight minutes in length, taught by various instructors. The content covered will be equivalent to that of a half-hour private lesson. "Core" Video Lessons cover fundamental concepts and techniques; "Master Class" Video Lessons cover specialized subjects.


We have three types of video song lessons.

G-Plus Songs use a revolutionary new technology that integrates sheet music, backing tracks, and video instruction into a single user-friendly lesson experience. The G-Plus interface allows users to hear the full band, just the guitar, or a click track on playback; slow down the tempo to as low as 25% while maintaining pitch; set a loop for concentrated practice; and provide a count-in. A bar scrolls the guitar tab as the song plays, so you can easily keep your place in the transcription. A Full Video button brings up a full song lesson from a professional guitar teacher, with the corresponding guitar tab shown beneath the video window.

Video Songs comprise two types of lessons. In one version, the video starts with a lesson from a professional guitar teacher. Then, the teacher performs the complete song along with professionally recorded backing tracks. On-screen tab is also included.

The other version features an in-depth lesson with a professional guitar teacher, explaining how to play each part of the song, section by section. These lessons go into greater detail but do not feature on-screen tab or a backing track.

Video Signature Licks feature a professional guitar instructor demonstrating and teaching key sections of a song. Because these lessons come from various sources, they may or may not include onscreen guitar tab.


Video Lessons and Songs are available in two formats: MP4 and WebM. Videos stream from our server. You will access purchased videos by logging into your account. You are allowed to download two MP4 video files to your hard drive.

If you are a PC user on Windows 7 using Opera 16, or a Mac user on OS X 10.8.5 using Firefox, you will only be able to stream WebM files from your Digital Content Library.

Windows 7 users using Internet Explorer 10 must stream Flash videos from your Digital Content Library.

How long will the videos take to download?

Most of our videos are in HD format (720p or 1080p). You will need a broadband connection to stream and/or download our videos.

How do I access my videos?

Your purchased videos remain on our server for you to access at any time, from any computer. You can login into your secure account and access purchased videos from any computer with the appropriate system requirements and connection speed. All you'll need is your account login information.

How do I play my purchased videos?

In your Digital Content Library, click "Play Now," and the video will play in a new window. If you've downloaded the MP4 video file, locate it on your hard drive, and double-click on the file name or icon, and the video will open in your video player (e.g., Quicktime).

Where are my videos saved?

This depends on where you have chosen to download the file. If you selected Open (instead of Save) when you clicked the Download button from your account page, the music file was probably stored in a temporary folder. Try downloading the file again and clicking Save where prompted, then save it in a location that is easy to find, such as your desktop.

We recommend creating a folder called 'My GI Videos' in an easy-to-find location on your computer. Save your downloaded videos to this folder.

Can I copy a video to a portable device?

You may place a copy of your purchased video on your mobile device. Add the MP4 file to your list of items to sync when you connect your mobile device.

You can also access your Digital Content Library on your iOS or Android mobile devices. To see which operating system/browser combinations are supported, please visit our Getting Started page.

What happens if I delete / lose the file?

You can log into your Digital Library and download the file again at any time. You can also view your video within your Digital Content Library as often as you wish, as long as you're on an Internet-connected device.