Video Courses

We understand that some folks prefer to learn strictly by video, so we've put together an 11-video series of guitar lessons specifically designed for the absolute beginner. In these videos, which all feature onscreen tab, you'll learn everything from the parts of the guitar and how to hold and tune it to the notes, scales, chords, and techniques you need to begin playing real songs.

Beginner Lessons


Once you've mastered the content in those lessons, you'll graduate to our Beginner/Intermediate level, where you'll learn the all-important minor pentatonic scale, barre chords, basic rhythm and lead guitar techniques, the blues scale, and much, much more!

The order of the lessons you see here is how we recommend you view them, but feel free to skip around based on your specific musical interests.


Beginner/Intermediate Lessons


For beginners who already have command of the basics and want to jump straight into Rock or Blues guitar playing, the following two video lesson series will put you on the fast track to jammin' on your favorite tunes.


Troy Stetina's Beginning Rock Guitar


Andy Aledort's Beginning Blues Guitar

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