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What is Guitar Instructor? is an online destination for learning to play guitar in all styles, beginner to pro. The web site was launched in December 2007. New content is added daily.

What is G-PASS?

G-PASS is a subscription program that provides subscribers unlimited access to all of the content—guitar tab, video lessons, video song lessons, play-along tracks, and more—for a low monthly or annual rate.

How much does this service cost?

The current monthly rate for a G-PASS subscription is a special, limited-time introductory offer of just $9.99. The regular monthly rate is $14.99. The current introductory rate for an annual G-PASS subscription is $99. The regular rate is $149.99

Alternatively, you may use the site on an à la carte basis, where you purchase what you want, when you want. Song Transcriptions and Play-Along Tracks start at just 99¢ each. Video Lessons and Video Song Lessons start at $1.99 each. G-Plus Songs and Lessons begin at $2.99 each.

What if I am unable to play or listen to audio or video content?

Audio and Video products are available as progressive streams from our server to your computer through an HTML5 player or as MP3 files that you can download to your hard drive. For detailed information about Video, please visit our Video Lessons & Songs Support page. We also have a Play-Along Tracks Support page that provides answers to any additional questions you might have for those products.

What if I'm unable to see song transcriptions?

Our Song Transcriptions are in PDF format, which uses a PDF viewer plug-in for display in your browser. If you do not have a PDF viewer plug-in, click here to download Adobe Reader. You may also visit our Guitar Tab Support page for additional information.

What do I do if I'm having trouble accessing my account?

First, check to make sure that you're using the correct email address and password.
If you can't find your password, it can be sent to your email. Please see below for directions to receive your login information.

  • Click the "Have You Forgotten Your Password?" link that appears at the login page.
  • On the following page, enter your email address and then click the Continue button to have your password sent to you by email. For your security, we will require that you reset your password and re-enter your credit card information the next time you login.
  • Follow the directions in the email received.
What is the difference between Video Lessons and Video Song Lessons?

Video Lessons are guitar lessons, averaging approximately eight minutes in length and taught by various instructors. The content covered is typically equivalent to that of a half-hour private lesson. "Core" Video Lessons cover fundamental concepts and techniques; "Master Class" Video Lessons cover specialized subjects. "G-Plus" Lessons are slightly longer and use a powerful new technology to integrate print (PDF), audio, and video into a single lesson, allowing the student to see each example, hear how it's supposed to sound, and see how it's played.

Video Song Lessons let you hear and see how to play songs like never before. Just watch, listen, and learn! There are several types of Video Song Lessons available at GuitarInstructor. Our traditional Video Songs come in two versions. In the first, the song starts with a lesson from a professional guitar teacher, then the teacher performs the complete song along with professionally recorded backing tracks while tab scrolls across the screen. The second version of Video Song features a typically longer and more in-depth lesson with a professional guitar teacher going over every part of the song in fine detail. This version does not include onscreen tab or a backing track. "Video Signature Licks" feature a professional guitar instructor demonstrating and teaching key sections of a song. Because these lessons come from various sources, they may or may not include onscreen guitar tab. "G-Plus Song" lessons integrate guitar tab, audio, and video to create a single all-encompassing song lesson. For more on G-Plus Songs, see our G-Plus Product Help page.

What are Play-Along Tracks?

Play-Along Tracks are professionally recorded, mixed, and engineered to sound just like the original recordings of your favorite artists. These tracks are available either with the lead instrument removed (e.g., Minus Guitar) or with the full band (Full-Band) performing. All of our Play-Along Tracks have available specially transcribed matching Play-Along guitar tab.

How come I can view only the first page of a Song Transcription?

In free preview mode, we allow you to view and print one page for free before you buy. Printing a preview page is a good way to test your printer to be sure that it is set up correctly. It will also give you some idea of how the song will look when it comes out of your printer. Please note that while preview sheets will print with a watermark covering the music, purchased sheets will not.

G-PASS subscribers may of course view the entire transcription in their browser by clicking the View Now button.

System Requirements for Audio and Video Products

Audio and Video products are delivered via an HTML5 player. Following are the browsers that are currently supported.

    Browser Compatibility: Video & Audio
  • Internet Explorer 10.10 and above
  • Firefox 3.5 and above
  • Chrome (all versions)
  • Safari 8 and above
  • Opera 27 and above
  • iOS Safari 8.1
  • Android 37 and above
  • Chrome for Android 40 and above
System Requirements for Song Transcriptions
A PDF viewer, such as the free plug-in Adobe Reader web browser is required to view and print song transcriptions.
How do I contact Guitar regarding products and services?
Click here to Contact Us, or email our support department directly at