SUHR Donates Gear to Musicians Institute

Posted by Michael Mueller on February 2, 2009 at 5:10 PM

As part of its ongoing mission to give students access to the best and most innovative new instruments and equipment, Musicians Institute ( is pleased to announce that Suhr Guitars has donated four guitars and a bass to the MI Library, along with a boutique Badger amp for MI's main stage backline, where it will be available to students, faculty, and visiting artists.

During the recent Suhr Guitar Day event, MI students had a chance to hear Suhr artists Guthire Govan (Asia) and Peter Thorn (Chris Cornell) demonstrate instruments and amps from the company's current line. Following the event, Suhr announced an exclusive discount purchase program for currently enrolled MI students and faculty.

MI is proud to offer students the opportunity to use a wide range of professional equipment while in school, and industry support from highly-respected manufacturers like Suhr allows them to launch their careers properly equipped. is proud to feature lessons with top MI instructors like Dan Gilbert and Beth Marlis, Tom Kolb, Sid Jacobs, and Bruce Buckingham.

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