MINISTRY'S Final Tour To Be Released on CD

Posted by Michael Mueller on February 18, 2009 at 10:54 AM

Although Al Jourgensen has said adios to Ministry, you don't ever have to really say good-bye to the legendary industrial-rock band, thanks to Jourgensen's indie imprint 13th Planet Records. On March 31, 2009, Jourgensen will release Adios...Puta Madres, a 13-track live audio CD featuring performances from Ministry's Final World Tour, C U LaTouR 2008.

"We had a blast on the final tour, and this CD really captures the heart of Ministry live," said Jourgensen, who personally mixed the recordings last fall at 13th Planet Studios alongside his touring front-of-house engineer Michihiro Tanikawa, as well as engineer John Bilberry.

Ministry's all-star line-up for C U LaTouR featured Jourgensen joined by guitarists Tommy Victor (Prong) and Sin Quirin (Revolting Cocks), keyboardist John Bechdel (Prong, AoTW, False Icons), Static X's Tony Campos on bass, drummer AAron Rossi (Prong), and Fear Factory/Ascension of the Watchers vocalist Burton C. Bell as Special Featured Guest.

CD Track Listing
"Let's Go"  (from The Last Sucker, 2007)
"Watch Yourself"  (from The Last Sucker, 2007)
"Life is Good"  (from The Last Sucker, 2007)
"The Dick Song"  (from The Last Sucker, 2007)
"The Last Sucker"  (from The Last Sucker, 2007)
"No W"  (from Houses of the Mole, 2004)
"Waiting"  (from Houses of the Mole, 2004)
"Worthless"  (from Houses of the Mole, 2004)
"Wrong"  (from Houses of the Mole, 2004)
"Rio Grande Blood"  (from Rio Grande Blood, 2006)
"Senor Peligrio"  (from Rio Grande Blood, 2006)
"Lieslieslies"  (from Rio Grande Blood, 2006)
"Khyber Pass"  (from Rio Grande Blood, 2006)

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