ZT Releases the Lunchbox Acoustic

Posted by Michael Mueller on April 28, 2010 at 5:30 PM

ZT Lunchbox Acoustic frontIn February 2009, ZT Amplifiers unleashed the Lunchbox electric guitar amp on the world—a 200-watt class A/B tone monster the size of, well, a lunchbox. The amp received rave reviews, thus encouraging the folks at ZT to expand the line.

This year, ZT presents the Lunchbox Acoustic. Like its electric cousin, this model also features 200 watts of class A/B power, but in a 2-channel format—one for your instrument and one for a microphone, making it perfect for the singer-songwriter/busking crowd. The Lunchbox Acoustic also comes with reverb and an effects loop.

Check out this video to hear the ZT Lunchbox Acoustic in action.



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