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Slash to Release Second Solo Album May 22

Posted by Michael Mueller on February 6, 2012 at 3:40 PM

Modern day guitar hero Slash is currently in a Los Angeles studio putting the finishing touches on his as-yet-untitled second solo album, which is due out May 22.

For this album, which Slash co-wrote with singer Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge), the guitarist decided to film the process. This exclusive behind-the-scenes footage will air weekly, starting today, on YouTube. You can check out the first installment below. Meanwhile, Slash offered up this Q&A session:

Slash guitar tab and video lessons
Alter Bridge guitar tab 

Looking at all your Twitter updates, you sound really pumped about the new disc. This time around, you and Myles wrote all the songs and he sings lead on all the tracks.  What inspired this scenario since your debut solo album featured multiple vocalists (including Myles on two songs)?
Well having Myles sing on the first record inspired me to take him on the road, then taking him on the road inspired me to have him sing on the whole record. So yeah the tour last year definitely inspired the decision for him to sing on the new record. He has a really broad range.  He is just very musical as far as his melodic style is concerned and he's also very lyrical and just a really powerful singer. There's a lot of positives about the way he sings.

Perhaps you want to talk a bit here about your other bandmates and what they each bring to the sound?
There's Brent who is probably one of the best drummers I've ever played with—he has a great way of playing very powerful rock n roll while still being able to keep it behind the beat and sexy. And then Todd has got to be one of the most overall talented musicians I've worked with, just a really great bass player. Todd's very quick in the studio, a quick learner and creative as a writer; on top of that, he's also a great singer.

Beyond you and Myles writing all the songs and Myles singing all the leads, in what other ways is the new album perhaps different from your debut solo album?
Myles and I basically collaborated on the new material. The main thing is we wrote these songs together which is a big difference from the last album where I wrote each song with all of the different collaborators. The whole creative nucleus is between Myles and me. On top of this, the whole rhythm section of Brent and Todd brings something to the table and changes the dynamic completely from the last record—it's much more cohesive.

You toured the world seven times with the last album.  What are your tour plans for the new album?

Right now we're starting off with radio shows in the states and then we'll do as much of Europe as possible. We'll also tour in Asia and Australia, and try to hit South Africa this year as well as India and a couple other spots. Trying to just broaden our horizons a bit.

For all the latest, please visit

Slash guitar tab

Gary Moore Play-Along Jam Tracks Now Available

Posted by Michael Mueller on February 3, 2012 at 9:52 AM is proud to announce we now have eight classic Gary Moore tunes available in play-along format, either with or without the guitar track:

Cold Day in Hell
Empty Rooms
Oh Pretty Woman
Since I Met You Baby
Still Got the Blues
Texas Strut
The Loner
Walking By Myself

Gary Moore guitar tab

Or if you'd prefer to get all eight on CD along with all the matching guitar tabs, you can purchase the Gary Moore Play-Along book/CD from Hal Leonard, available here.

Gary Moore guitar tab and jam tracks








The Belfast-born Moore first garnered critical acclaim for his work on Thin Lizzy's 1974 album Nightlife. But over the course of his career, his solo material—ranging from hard rock to heavy blues—would earn him recognition as a  virtuoso blues-rock guitarist.

One of Moore's greatest calling cards was his monster tone. Whether he was playing a single-coil-loaded Fender Stratocaster or his famous 1959 Peter Green Les Paul, Moore produced one of the thickest, fattest, most badass guitar tones ever heard.

Moore was found dead from a heart attack in a hotel room while on vacation in southern Spain on February 6, 2011.


Opeth and Mastodon Announce Co-Headline Heritage Hunter Spring Tour

Posted by Michael Mueller on February 2, 2012 at 9:55 AM

In what is sure to be one of the most exciting metal tours of the year, Opeth and Mastodon have announced a co-headlining spring tour, which kicks off in Portland, Maine, on April 4, and wraps in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 12. Special guests Ghost will serve as the opening act for the "Heritage Hunter" tour.

Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt, in his trademark deadpan wit, says, "We're touring North America together with Mastodon soon. Nice! One of the very few metal bands of today that I genuinely like. Good people too! Ghost are coming with us as well, and they are one of the hottest new bands to come out of Sweden in recent years, and I dig them too. I sound like an old fart, don't I? Well, I am."

He continues, "Yet, am I right in thinking that this tour, this line up, is pretty decent? Would you all agree? Not complete s---, is it? Hope to see y'all out there! What are we playing? Not sure yet, but considering the company, maybe we'll have to pull out the big guns from time to time. In order to keep up, I mean."

Collectively, Mastodon has stated of the tour, "We're excited to co-headline this tour with Opeth for whom we have great respect and admiration. Having Ghost along as well will make this tour a special event."

Tickets go on sale February 3rd and 4th. Visit or for details. 

Heritage Hunter tourTour dates as follows:

04/04 Portland, ME
04/05 Boston, MA
04/06 Montreal, QC
04/07 Toronto, ON
04/09 Philadelphia, PA
04/10 Wallingford, CT
04/11 New York, NY
04/13 Chicago, IL
04/14 Grand Rapids, MI
04/15 Pittsburgh, PA
04/16 Knoxville, TN
04/18 Oklahoma City, OK
04/19 Dallas, TX
04/20 San Antonio, TX
04/21 Corpus Christi, TX
04/23 Denver, CO
04/25 Las Vegas, NV
04/26 Los Angeles, CA
04/27 Oakland, CA
04/28 Reno, NV
04/30 Seattle, WA
05/01 Vancouver, BC
05/03 Edmonton, AB
05/04 Calgary, AB
05/05 Saskatoon, SK
05/06 Winnipeg, MB
05/09 Washington, DC
05/10 Charlotte, NC
05/11 Myrtle Beach, SC
05/12 Atlanta, GA

Dragonforce Announce New Album The Power Within

Posted by Michael Mueller on February 2, 2012 at 9:29 AM

PRESS RELEASE (New York): London-based metal superstars DragonForce have revealed details of their forthcoming new album. Entitled The Power Within, this 10-track monster marks the band's fifth studio album and its first with new singer Marc Hudson behind the microphone. It will be released April 17 by Roadrunner Records in the U.S.

Official Dragonforce guitar tab 

DragonForce guitarist Herman Li said, "The last two years have been the most fun we ever had making an album. Through writing, jamming and touring together, we have built this incredible energy and it has been fully captured on the new album."

Li also claims the album boasts the fastest song the band has ever recorded. He continued, "This time around we’ve really brought our metal side to the surface and made some of the best music of our career. From the fastest song we’ve ever recorded to the slower songs, and some things you would never expect from us, this is by far the most diverse DragonForce album yet."

The full track listing for The Power Within is as follows:

1. Holding On
2. Fallen World
3. Cry Thunder
4. Give Me the Night
5. Wings of Liberty
6. Seasons
7. Heart of the Storm
8. Die By the Sword
9. Last Man Stands
10. Seasons (Acoustic Version)

There will also be a digital special edition featuring the bonus tracks "Cry Thunder (Live Rehearsal),"  "Heart of the Storm (Alternative Chorus Version)" and "Avant La Tempête (Instrumental)."

Look for exciting US tour announcements coming soon. For all the latest news and updates visit

Dragonforce Power Within


Smokin' New Blues Guitar Instructional Book from Joe Kubek

Posted by Michael Mueller on February 1, 2012 at 1:48 PM

Smokin' blues guitarBlues guitar legend Smokin' Joe Kubek and blues guitarist/historian/educator Dave Rubin have teamed up to create a brand-spankin'-new course on Texas blues called Smokin' Blues Guitar (Hal Leonard). This book/DVD combo features hi-def video of Kubek discussing and teaching pretty much every aspect of Texas blues you could possibly think of—straight from his extensive arsenal.

Dave Rubin blues guitar video lessons 

We spoke with Rubin, who consulted on the project and co-authored the included book.

There are myriad blues guitar books and DVDs on the market. What makes Smokin' Blues Guitar special?
DR: This is as complete a course in authentic Texas blues guitar as you will ever encounter. Joe covers the whole enchilada—from searing to jazzy, with spicy lead licks and hip rhythm patterns that all combine to build complete solos and accompaniments. His slide playing in standard tuning is the first and last word on this crucial style. A great plus is his warm and witty commentary and  priceless recollections about the legends he has known personally.

What did it mean to you to work with a legend like Kubek?
I have known Smokin' Joe and followed his career as one of the premier contemporary blues  guitarists for years, so it was a special treat to work with him, as he not only is a soulful virtuoso player with chops-busting blues power but also possesses that rare combination of the "Three Ts"—taste, tone, and technique—much like his mentor Freddie King.

* * *

In addition to the hi-def video instruction, Smokin' Blues Guitar also includes a book that provides standard notation and tab for every example on the DVD, as well as bonus instructional material. To order, please click here, or on the cover image above.


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