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The OTHER British Guitar Gods

Posted by Michael Mueller on March 4, 2010 at 11:13 AM

David Gilmour guitar tabIt's commonly accepted that Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck form the holy trinity of British blues-rock guitar—and for good reason. Clapton's smooth phrasing, signature vibrato, and fiery blues licks inspired the famous graffiti "Clapton Is God," and his stunning career certainly backs it up. Perhaps the greatest riff man in history, Jimmy Page and his work in Led Zeppelin may be the most enduring rock guitar music in history. And Jeff Beck, well, he's just plain sick—the man does things with a guitar that no other human can even come close to doing, and he just keeps getting better.

But what about the other U.K. six-string sensations? Here are five of our favorite guitarists from the Motherland, along with links to some of their most famous guitar tabs. Who are your favorites? Comment below!

Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)
Legendary songwriter, film scorer, music-video pioneer, and crafter of one of the greatest guitar solos of all time ("Sultans of Swing" guitar tab), Knopfler has certainly earned his stripes. While guys like Larry Carlton and Robben Ford get the most attention for phrasing, Knopfler can stand on the same stage with them any day of the week.
Mark Knopfler guitar tabs and lessons

Brian May (Queen)
The king of rock counter point, May is possessor of one of the sweetest and most recognizable guitar tones in the business, and his fluid phrasing and compositional flair too often fly under the radar.
Queen guitar tabs

Robert Fripp (King Crimson)
One of the most innovative guitarists of the 20th century, Fripp has made a career of his "anything goes" approach to music. He effortlessly intertwines power chords with super-altered dominant chords, filling in the blanks with ripping blues-scale licks, jagged intervallic passages, and atonal lines, to make you simultaneously squirm and smile.
King Crimson guitar tab

Pete Townshend (The Who)
One of the greatest songwriters and rhythm guitarists of the rock era, Townshend was also one of the first true rock stars, with his trademark windmill strums, guitar-smashing antics, and doing it all at ear-splitting volume!
The Who guitar tab, lessons, and jam tracks

David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
We think the phrase "solo with feel" was coined for Gilmour's heartfelt, atmospheric fretboard excursions. His blues-based lines—rife with crying bends, shocking overbends, and just the right amount of breathing room—are required listening for any serious guitarist.
Pink Floyd guitar tabs, lessons, and jam tracks

New Orange Thunder 30 Combo and Head

Posted by Michael Mueller on March 3, 2010 at 5:57 PM

Press Release - Storming into the New Year, Orange Amps are giving their range of guitar amps a boost with the launch of the new Thunder 30 combo and head. This replaces the Rocker 30 and will roar into the shops spring 2010.  Continues below image ...

Orange Thunder 30

The new Thunder 30 is an all valve class A 30 watt, twin channel amplifier, powered by four EL84 power valves (two more than the Rocker 30). It will be available in head and 1x12 configurations and includes an F/X loop (not featured on the Rocker 30) and the 1x12 is front loaded.

A brand new design incorporating the best of the Rocker and Thunder series, the new amps have two channels. The first is a classic vintage channel which has crystal clear clean sound and when turned up delivers a thunderous vintage power amp overdrive. The second overdrive/distortion channel, features a shape control as seen in the Thunderverb models and has a British tone crunch of numbing proportions!

The Thunder 30 combo offers the perfect balance between power and portability and is ideal for regular gigging. It's small and light enough to be portable whilst also offering a phenomenal tonal range for use in the studio environment.

Delivering more punch, more features and more power, the Thunder 30 will blow you away when you here the sound!

For more info, please visit

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Return With First Album in Nearly 10 Years

Posted by Michael Mueller on March 1, 2010 at 3:23 PM

Stone Temple Pilots guitar tabSoCal alt-grunge-arena rockers Stone Temple Pilots, who reunited for a massive world tour back in 2008, have announced the highly anticipated release of their eponymous new album. Hitting shelves and online retailers worldwide on May 25, the album is their first since 2001's Shangri-La Dee Da.

If you live in or near one of the cities listed among the tour dates below, you can hear new STP music well before then. If not, don't worry, a massive summer tour will be announced in coming weeks. For the latest news and ticket info, visit the band's official web site.

Get official Stone Temple Pilots guitar tab for "Plush." Want to jam along, get the jam track here!

2010 Tour Dates:
18 Austin, TX
19 Bossier City, LA
20 Thackerville, OK
22 Kansas City, MO
24 Sioux City, IA
26 Milwaukee, WI
27 Chicago, IL
30 Louisville, KY
31 Detroit, MI

23 Camden, NJ

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